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Total Gym Gravity
GRAVITY fitness is a pioneering exercise that employs multiple muscle groups in synergy using body weight as resistance to gravity.
The dynamic pulley system and the Total Gym gymnastics platform, GTS, offer more than 250 exercises, stretching and pilates exercises, delivering a unique sporting technique focused on strength, endurance, mobility and stability, ideal for all ages and skills.

SHAPE magazine wrote about Gravity!

A multi award-winning machine for personal, team and pilates practice, which you can follow a total-body workout that combines more than 250 exercises on the same machine using your body weight as a resistance to gravity

Workout with real results

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What is GRAVITY?

Το GRAVITY εis the premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members on Total Gym equipment.
Offering unparalleled variety GRAVITY Training encompasses strength, endurance and cardio workouts, boot camps and interval training, as well as Pilates and Yogainspired mindful movement classes. GRAVITYinspires member participation and puts Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health club or wellness facility.

Unique Support The GTS of Total Gym is the complete gym equipment with unique support. A complete information package is available for training, learning, and exercises in both video and eBook. Each market is accompanied by a training course, in a special training facility made by ELDICO SPORΤ SA, by qualified personal trainers specializing in Total Gym GTS. At the same time, the quality of the material, the finishing and the functionality, guarantee longevity.